WEASC Public Relations Subcommittee

Subcommittee Purpose:

  • Inform the public that Narcotics Anonymous exists and is a viable program of recovery.
  • Create and maintain relationships with public entities, professionals, and other organizations that may refer addicts seeking recovery to NA.
  • Coordinate services of the Hospitals and Institutions, Phoneline, Public Relations, and Website Teams.

How did YOU first hear about or find NA? Was it an H&I panel in the detox or treatment center you went to? Did you call a local helpline to find out where to find meetings? Or did you hit the internet and find NA info on a website? Your skills, ideas, and passion are needed to help make sure others find the life you’re now living.

Ways to help:

PRS member—Join our subcommittee meeting to help us consider ways to make people aware of NA, discuss and decide on new initiatives, and plan for PR opportunities. To find out about our meetings, contact us at pr@weana.org or 818.787.9706 ext 810

Limited or one-time service tasks like one-day flyer/poster distributions, informational booth sittings, co-presenting to a school or community organization. 818.787.9706 ext 810 or pr@weana.org

H&I Panel Coordinator, leader, or speaker—carry the message to addicts in hospitals and institutions. There are ongoing positions as well as one-time opportunities. 818.787.9706 ext 806 or h_and_i@weana.org

Phoneline volunteer—answer calls to the West End Area helpline to provide information about NA to potential and new members, family members/friends of addicts, and professionals who serve addicts seeking recovery. 818.787.9706 ext 809 phonelines@weana.org

Public Relations volunteer—share information about NA with medical, treatment, corrections, and justice professionals; social service agencies, schools, and the community at large. 818.787.9706 ext 809 pr@weana.org

Website volunteer—keep the West End Area’s website and meeting directory up to date using WordPress and the BMLT, coordinate the ASC’s Google Group, and help all ASC committees share information online. 818.787.9706 ext 807 or website@weana.org