Be of Service!

West End Area Service Committee

The ASC (Area Service Committee) meets on the first Sunday of each month at 1:00 p.m.
Orientation for new group service representatives (GSRs) is held at 12:30 PM before each ASC. Annual elections for trusted servant positions take place each May; otherwise, open commitments are filled as needed.

21210 Erwin Street
Woodland Hills, CA 91356,
(entrance is at the back of the building)

For more information, please contact the Chair of ASC.

Available ASC Commitments - West End Area Service Body

DurationPositionClean Time RequirementPrevious Area Service Requirement
One YearAlternate Secretary1 yearnone

Open Meeting Commitments in the West End

Be of service at the group level. Most meetings in our area offer opportunities for recovering addicts with only one-day clean. Not all available group commitments are listed here. If you attend a meeting and wish to be of service, speak with the secretary after the meeting.

Click here to submit Open Meeting Commitments

Day of WeekTimeGroup NameCommitment
Sunday7:00 p.m.Sunday SurrenderGSR
Monday7:30 p.m.Another 24GSR
Monday7:00 p.m.Hour of HopeGSR
Tuesday6:20 p.m.The Journey ContniuesGSR
Wednesday7:00 p.m.Mid-Week FixCoffee Person
Wednesday7:00 p.m.Mid-Week FixKey Tag/Chips Person
Wednesday7:00 p.m.Mid-Week FixLiterture Person
Wednesday7:00 p.m.Mid-Week FixCake Person
Wednesday7:00 p.m.Mid-Week FixCoffee Person
Thursday7:30 p.m.Recovery ZoneSet-up Person
Thursday7:30 p.m.Recovery ZoneGreeter
Thursday7:30 p.m.For the NewcomerCoffee Person
Thursday7:30 p.m.For the NewcomerGSR
Thursday7:30 p.m.For the NewcomerNewcomer Greeter
Friday7:00 p.m.Step WarriorsCake Person
Friday7:00 p.m.Step WarriorsCoffee Person
Saturday10:00 a.m.Sharing from The HeartAlt. Key Tag/Chips Person
Saturday10:00 a.m.Sharing from The HeartAlt. Bagels Person
Saturday10:00 a.m.Sharing from The HeartAlt. Floaters
Saturday10:00 a.m.Sharing from The HeartAlt. Cake Person

Public Relations Subcommittee of the West End

The PRS (Public Relations Subcommittee) meets on the last Saturday of each month at 12:30 p.m. on Zoom.  All are welcome to join!

Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID:  849 9240 4534
Passcode:     93262

The PRS is a West End Cooperative that provides unique opportunities to be of service to Hospitals and Intuitions (H&I), Phonelines, Public Relations, and Website. 

Available PRS Commitments

PR Sub-Committee Vice-Coordinator2 years2 years1 year of prior PR service or relevant service experience.
Secretary1 year1 yearN/A (may be filled by a seated GSR)

Hospitals & Institutions (H&I)

Carry the message to addicts that are unable to attend meetings. Our H&I Team serves facilities throughout the West End Area.

If you would like to learn more or take on an available panel, please contact the H&I Team Leader.

Available H&I Panels

Commitment FrequencyLocationDay & TimeCommitmentSuggested Clean Time
MonthlyRancho San Antonio (men only)3rd Monday 7:00 PMPanel Leader1 year
MonthlySalvation Army (men only)4th Friday 7:00 PMPanel Leader1 year


Answer the call of an addict in need. Help addicts find their first meeting or guide members to local events and groups. All that is required is a working phone; your phone is reached through a forwarding service and your personal number is never displayed.

If you would like to learn more or take an available slot, please call the Phonelines Team Leader.

Available Phoneline Slots

Commitment FrequencyDay of WeekTime Slot - StartTime Slot - EndSuggested Clean Time
WeeklyTuesday12:00 PM3:00 PM6 Months
WeeklyThursday12:00 AM6:00 AM6 Months